SpringSource release Application Platform (GA)

Just got this through email.

Today, SpringSource announced General Availability (GA) of the dm Server. […] The standards-based SpringSource dm Server builds on OSGi, Java standards, and supports the fundamental Spring tenets of simplicity, flexibility and power. The dm Server delivers a solution for today’s grid and virtualized environments and tomorrow’s cloud deployments.

Some of the benefits as stated by SpringSource are as follows.

For Production Users

  • Real-time application and server updates
  • Better resource utilization
  • Side-by-side resource versioning
  • Longer server uptime
  • Run new and old Web applications

For Development Users

  • Faster iterative development
  • Small server footprint
  • More manageable applications
  • Greater code reuse

Although I’ve never had the time to use Spring DM Server I look forward to it. I’ve always felt that SpringSource were ahead of time itself and this is especially the case with DM Server using OSGi and resource versioning. In large, legacy or highly regulated institutions it will still be too new and will need to mature and stand the test of time to be considered for adoption as a core platform technology.

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