Java 6 update 10 finally released

After Java 6 update 7 brought the wonderful VisualVM to us Sun have graciously removed the beta status from update 10 (after one year) and finally released it! Don’t let the minor version increment fool you – from the client side perspective update 10 is one of the most groundbreaking releases of all time and potentially the biggest client side release of all time. A brief overview of the feature list follows.

  • Java Quick Starter
  • Java Kernel
  • Next-Generation Java Plug-In
  • Java Deployment Toolkit
  • Graphics Performance on Windows
  • Nimbus – Cross Platform Look & Feel

Read more at the Sun planetarium and the Sun developer network and there are a couple of podcasts as well – one from RIA weekly and one from Innovation Insider. Does this set the runtime, performance and deployment foundations that would be necessary for Java FX to make an appearance onto our desktops and mobile devices? Will JavaFX be able to compete effectively against Flex and Silverlight who have a head start on it? It’ll certainly be an interesting RIA scene to watch.

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