My reading list

Regardless of how busy I may be with my work and out-of-work schedule I try my utmost to find time to read although at times this proves insurmountably difficult. The challenge is two fold – what to read and when to read and meeting this challenge is absolutely crucial for one’s own development and for one’s career in my opinion. Here is a glimpse of what I’m reading currently and what I’d like to read in the near future.

Spring Core Training Book

Spring Core Training Book

1500 slides on all aspects of Spring including advanced topics such as tx management and aop as well as new topics such as spring-ws, spring-security and spring-@mvc. Finished reading this last weekend and hope to take the spring certification soon which is entirely based on this material.

Effective Java

An essential read and first choice for any Java programmer after having learnt the language. I’ve read the first edition. It’d be great to reinforce the old material but also see what’s new in this 2nd edition. Currently reading this one.

Java Concurrency in Practice

I’m partway through this and it’s a fascinating book. It is teaching the intricacies of multithreading in the old (current) ways before fork and join, phasers, more concurrent and functional languages and software transactional memory take over and revolutionize the way we program and utilise multiple cores.

Java Puzzlers

This book presents all the oddities and counter intuitive behaviours of the Java language. As with many others it’d be great to get through this but only if time permits and if other books don’t get prioritised higher than this one.

Programming Erlang

Eventually this is to break out of the imperative Java world and see what’s going on in the functional world of the highly concurrent language Erlang. Together with Scala Erlang has been receiving a lot of hype but the difference is that Erlang runs on its interpreter and not on the JVM.


What are you reading and what would you recommend to me? In particular do you have any recommendations for books on .net, c#, flex and functional and multi-core programming?

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