.NET book recommendations

Recently I was out with colleagues and I happened to ask one of my .NET colleagues what .NET books he’d recommend if I want to get up to speed with .NET coming from a Java background. The following is what he recommended in this order.

His viewpoint was that originally C# was a succinct language. Now it has grown considerably. So one should read about C# 1.1 to begin with and then progress onto v2 and v3.5 to capture the differences. This makes the task more manageable. If you’re a .NET person please offer your feedback. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “.NET book recommendations

  1. I’m not sure there’s any need to learn .NET 1.1 – it’s totally obsolete and .NET 2.0 changes things in enough subtle ways that I think it could actually be bad to learn 1.1 first. Of course he also needs to learn .NET 3.0 if he’s going to be writing any GUIs now that Microsoft is starting to push WPF. And just after he’s learned all that, .NET 4.0 is going to released with Visual Studio 2010. I don’t know if it’s the same in the Java world but C# and .NET is moving far too rapidly for my liking; it seems Microsoft is trying to make as much money as possible from it by cramming in ever more features.

  2. Hi Bruce! – Great to hear from you. It’s fascinating to hear your point of view. Thanks. I guess I’ll have to decide which version to learn first when purchasing. And regarding your comment about .net moving too fast – it is in fact not the same in java. The language itself is fairly self contained and manageable and the last time it got major syntactic features was in Java 5 but those changes were more than welcome and have helped the language greatly.

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