Spring framework 3.0 milestone 1 released

Spring framework 3.0 milestone 1 (svn) has been released. I was expecting 3.0 to make an appearance in beginning of next year so this was a welcome surprise. Spring 3.0 holds special significance because for the first time Spring natively provides REST support. Another welcome feature is the addition of @RequestHeader annotation for HTTP header access in MVC handlers. They’ve also updated the whole code base to use java5 generics and varargs and removed several deprecated classes. I look forward to using Spring 3.0 and its REST support and particularly I wonder if it implements JAX-RS (1.0). Don’t forget that in the next Spring user group meeting on 10 December 2008 Rick Evans will talk about Spring 3.0. An extract from one of the skillsmatter emails follows.

The last SUG event of the year is fast approaching and we have managed to line up two great speakers: Rick Evans & Dave Savage! Since leaving SpringSource, Rick has continued to be one of the most prolific contributors to the Spring Framework and is therefore well-placed to deliver a fascinating insight into the next release of Spring – Spring 3.0. Dave Savage of Infiniflow will deliver what promises to be a very interesting talk on the nuts and bolts of Spring and distributed OSGi applications.

In other news, a short while back, Java 6 update 11 was released which seems to have update 10 client related fixes and also several visualvm fixes.

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