Maven dependency graph visualisation in M2Eclipse

M2Eclipse has sure come a long way since I used it a few months back. To my surprise when I accidentally clicked the ‘Dependency graph’ tab on the pom editor the following appeared on my screen. Below is a small region of the graph – the full thing was too big even for my dual monitor setup. Click for slightly larger version. Take that ant :p Can IvyDE do that? 🙂

I have to say that I’m a little partial to maven even though ant is faster. I believe in reusing the wheel rather than reinventing it. I believe in convention over configuration. I believe in making 90% of the most commonly performed tasks easier to carry out through a rich and extensive feature set. I believe in higher level abstractions rather than simply providing low level building blocks. As an estemeed colleague of mine once said “It’s all about abstractions – if we didn’t have any abstractions we’d still be programming in assembler”. These are all the same characteristics that are possessed by Spring. I say all this however after finding out today that the rather large organisation that I’m currently working within evaluated maven some time back and chose to go with ivy instead. The reason? It was easier to integrate with existing infrastructure and this is a harsh reality of commerce – sometimes the feature set or being revolutionary or being free isn’t enough – sometimes legacy wins.

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