Awaiting The Spirit

The Spirit (Movie)

Ever since I watched the hypnotic dream that was Sin City based on the graphic novels by Frank Miller I’d been yearning for more along the same comic book noir style cinema. Well now it seems The Spirit (Apple trailer) will bring the same style of film making and partially satiate me at least until Sin City 2 and 3 get here in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

The Spirit may not have got the top ratings in the reviews but it will be a must see when in local cinemas simply because this genre of film is so rare and deserves to be valued although I have to say, 300, although of the same genre and by the same author didn’t really create the same effect and mood despite having watched it in the BFI Imax.

P.S. The blog theme here doesn’t really lend itself well to dark photos. Maybe I need an alternative post style which I can toggle on and off. Or maybe I’ll come up with an altogether black based dark theme. Ooh fun fun!

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