Apple WWDC 2009 tomorrow

The most eagerly awaited and hyped annual Apple event – the WWDC – starts tomorrow and, in a similar fashion to every year, they are expected to make ground breaking announcements about their products. Rumours (macrumors, engadget, gizmodo) are that they will announce Snow Leopard, the new iPhone OS v3 and a range of new iPhones with different technical hardware and software specifications. Steve Jobs is also rumored to make a come back from extended sick leave to announce the new iPhones. Let’s admit it – neither Apple nor the WWDC would be the same without Steve. I wouldn’t like to speculate on what iPhone OS v3 will support or what tech specs the new iPhones will feature. However it goes without saying that I can’t wait to hear what they have in store. No doubt that wwdc news will be streamed in real time over twitter (macrumors live twitter), rss and web (macrumors live).

If Apple allow premature upgrades for existing iPhone users then I’m definitely taking the leap and getting the new one – although be aware that any new OS release can be unstable to the point of being unusable as I’m sure most iPhone 3G owners will remember. Having used the iPhone 3G for about a year now I’m beyond any doubt that it is light years ahead of the competition and that RIM or Windows Media have become almost primitive and out of touch with the modern day consumer. If Apple were to incorporate video calling and editing as well as push notifications and a magnetometer, all of which have been rumoured to be in the new iPhone, then that will widen the gap even further. The exclusivity contract with O2 in the UK is also rumoured to be coming to an end in the last quarter of this year and if true then it is great news. I’ll also be purchasing Snow Leopard to satisfy my curiosity but also for the massive performance and weight improvements that it has made since the original Leopard.

As I always say – innovation at the rate of Apple is simply astounding. Rather than recreating what we already have time and time again like everyone else they are one of the few companies that are creating new things and that is the fundamental difference. Anyway, let’s see what happens tomorrow.

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