Apple WWDC 2009 over

The Apple WWDC 2009 is now over. I had been following it this evening on twitter in real time courtesy of macrumors live. Below is a summary extract from the macrumors live twitter account. Points of note that are relevant to me – I’ll be upgrading to Snow Leopard for $29 in September and I’ll also be getting the 32GB iPhone 3GS June 19th onwards or at the soonest possible opportunity (assuming they allow premature upgrades). If I am not able to get my hands on the new iPhone 3GS I’ll be upgrading to the new v3.0 OS on June 17th for free. As much as I’d like the new 15″ macbook pro it’ll be a while before I can afford it. Apple have now updated their website. Overall great news.

  • iPhone 3GS available June 19th in US, UK, and 6 others. More come a week later, others this summer. 8 GB iPhone for $99 available today.42 minutes ago from web
  • iPhone 3GS: $199/16 GB and $299/32 GB for new and qualifying AT&T customers. Available in black and white. Current 8GB avail for $99.about 1 hour ago from web
  • iPhone 3GS: VoiceOver accessibility, Nike+ support, data encryption, improved battery life (up to 50% on Wi-Fi), eco-friendlyabout 1 hour ago from web
  • iPhone 3GS: API allows devs to integrate video capture; Voice control for call dialing, iPod playback; Digital compass integrates with Maps.about 1 hour ago from web
  • iPhone 3GS camera has still and video modes. Video mode: 30 fps VGA with audio, auto-focus, auto-exposure. Can trim video right on iPhone.about 1 hour ago from web
  • iPhone 3GS supports 7.2Mbps HSPDA data, has 3 MP auto-focus camera with “tap to focus” and improved low-light sensitivityabout 1 hour ago from web
  • iPhone 3GS announced (“S” for “speed”). 2-3x faster at tasks. Looks essentially identical to iPhone 3G. No front-facing camera.about 1 hour ago from web
  • iPhone OS 3.0 available June 17th. Free to all iPhone users, $9.95 for iPod touch users.about 1 hour ago from web
  • More Zipcar: iPhone app can honk vehicle’s horn and unlock car; Line6/Planet Waves: add guitar effects from iPhoneabout 1 hour ago from web
  • Ngmoco: Star Defense; Pasco: hardware accessories for scientific experiments for children; Zipcar: car-sharing reservationsabout 1 hour ago from web
  • TomTom: turn-by-turn GPS directions (apps and hardware). Car kit will hold iPhone on suction mount and integrate charging.about 1 hour ago from web
  • Dev Demos: Gameloft (Asphalt 5 racer), AirStrip Tech (Critical Care medical data app), ScrollMotion (digital books via in-app purchasing)about 1 hour ago from web
  • Turn-by-turn directions apps supported. Push notifications: alerts, sounds, badges. Now developer demos.about 2 hours ago from web
  • Reviewing OS 3.0 APIs: in-app purchasing, peer-to-peer connectivity, hardware accessory support, Google Maps available for use by devsabout 2 hours ago from web
  • “Find My iPhone”: Allows MobileMe customers to locate lost iPhones, send alerts, and remote wipe.about 2 hours ago from web
  • Safari for iPhone: HTTP audio/video streaming support, autofill, JavaScript 3x faster than OS 2.2.1., HTML 5 supportabout 2 hours ago from web
  • Tethering via USB or Bluetooth. Supported on 22 carriers, but not on AT&T at launch.about 2 hours ago from web
  • Cut, copy, paste, undo. Search. MMS in 3.0, but AT&T not supporting until later this summer. iTunes movie rentals/purchases from iPhone.about 2 hours ago from web
  • Video of developers and customers talking about the revolutionary platform and apps. Now moving on to talk about iPhone OS 3.0.about 2 hours ago from web
  • Now shifting to iPhone: 1,000,000 SDK downloads, 50,000 apps, 40 million iPhones/iPod touches, 1 billion+ appsabout 2 hours ago from web
  • Snow Leopard available in September for all Intel Macs. $29 for Leopard users, $49 family pack.about 2 hours ago from web
  • More Snow Leopard: Grand Central Station/OpenCL harness the processing power of GPUs, Demoing Exchange support for Mail, iCal, Address Bookabout 2 hours ago from web
  • Safari 4 final version released today on all platforms. Also showing demos of new QuickTime (brand-new interface), Stacks and Expose in SLabout 2 hours ago from web
  • Previewing Snow Leopard: Streamlined installation, Expose built into Dock icons, Preview and Mail 2x faster.about 2 hours ago from web
  • MacBook Air update: now starting at $1499, $1799 with 256 GB SSDabout 2 hours ago from web
  • 13″ MacBook now called MacBook Pro: starts at $1199. Same RAM and HD options as 15″ MBP, backlit KB, FW800. All models available today.about 3 hours ago from web
  • 17″ MBP updated: starting at $2499, retains ExpressCard slot, CPU and HD spec bumpsabout 3 hours ago from web
  • New 15″ MacBook Pro: non-removable 7 hr battery, improved display, SD card slot, up to 3.06Ghz, 8 GB RAM, and 500 GB HD/256GB SSD – $1699about 3 hours ago from web

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