Morgan Stanley's Matrix webcast recording

A month back a live webcast took place titled ‘Transcending the client experience’ that focused primarily on the use of RIA in financial services and particularly within Morgan Stanley’s Matrix. A recording of the webcast is now available. I offer a small summary of some of the highlights here.

RIA offers a zero footprint in terms of installation effort and supports real time data presentation through simple yet rich user interfaces. It is bringing the business closer to its clients and is more than just technology in that it is solving real world business problems.

The progressive trends are as follows. There is a front-end shift in that applications are now more driven by user experience and design than previously, can represent large amounts of varied and real time data more coherently and concisely and are increasingly beginning to approximate thick clients in that they are stateful and taking on more of the responsibilities of the server side.

Going forward opportunity is seen in adding threading support and mobile device support to Flex and also in migrating the vast amount of legacy applications currently existing to RIA technology. Morgan Stanley’s Matrix received special recognition throughout being one of the largest production Flex applications in the world, if not the largest, at more than six hundred thousand lines of code developed in the timeframe of a year.

[ Recording of the “Transcending the Client Experience webcast”, organised by Adobe and Finextra. Participants in this hour and a quarter long session discuss how developers at financial firms use rich Internet application technologies to integrate real-time data, with the delivery of audio, video, reports and rich interactive charts to trading applications.]

[Panel participants: Hishaam Mufti-Bey (Matrix founder and global director at Morgan Stanley), Stephane Malrait (Global Head of eCommerce at Societe Generale), Mark Greenaway (Adobe), Trevor LaFleche (Senior Analyst at Financial Insights). Moderator: Vivake Gupta, Managing Director, Lab49.]

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