Java still #1

OracleTechNet have just posted: “New Tiobe Index is out – Java still #1, C# on the march”. Cool. It’s obvious that the first five are major players but the one that makes me curious is Python (Tiobe). I wonder what areas it’s gaining its popularity and adoption in. Objective C also appears to be making major strides but the single reason for that is obvious and this will be nothing but a steep upward trend.

3 thoughts on “Java still #1

  1. I suspect everyone is starting to use Python all over the place: it seems nobody releases a framework without a Python binding nowadays, and everyone seems to love the language. It’s a great prototyping and traditional scripting language, but I know plenty of people also use it for desktop applications too. At a company I worked at one department wrote all their utilities in it, even going so far as to rewrite an existing C utility in Python. Personally I don’t believe it’s a good language for desktop applications because you only find out about problems at runtime – I can’t remember the number of times I clicked a button only for it to spit out a stack dump and crash, whether due to network problems, mismatched libraries, wrong parameters etc. However good it is at handling desktop situations that doesn’t seem to stop its fans from using it wherever possible.

    1. @Bruce Cran, I have observed the same behaviour for regular desktop applications but instead of showing their call stack to you they just crash and windows asks whether you’d like to send report to Microsoft 🙂

      As for the type checking, a good set of unit tests will do that task for you)

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