Intel Sandy Bridge announced

The eagerly awaited Intel Sandy Bridge processors have finally been announced (yesterday) and have received superb reviews. Read more at Macrumors, Engadget, TechReport, Intel, Intel Blogs (an older link). They feature, amongst overall improvements on all fronts, vastly improved graphics performance and battery life. These really can’t be found on the mac line soon enough. No doubt Apple will be touting 15 hours battery life with these if they’re touting 10 hours now. Mid year release, I reckon, along with Lion though I’d like to see those on the MacBook Air more than any other model as they are, without a doubt, best of breed now. To quote Intel on the most significant feature of this release in my opinion:

Improved Cores with Innovative Ring Interconnect: The 2nd generation Intel Core Processor family microarchitecture features vastly improved cores that are better connected with an innovative ring interconnect for improved data bandwidth, performance and power efficiency. The ring interconnect is a high bandwidth, low latency modular on-die system for connection between processor components for improved performance. The ring interconnect enables high speed and low latency communication between the upgraded processor cores, processor graphics, and other integrated components such as memory controller and display.

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