Microsoft Mango: Windows Phone 7 Previewed

BBC has provided a preview of Microsoft Mango, the new Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system, adopted by Nokia to replace their aging and rendered obsolete Symbian operating system. It certainly looks like a worthy competitor to iOS and Android with the usual incorporations such as threaded conversations, unified inboxes, social networking support and seamless integration between various different aspects of functionality. It tries, however, in addition to go a few steps further with many of these features. The UI is pleasing to the eye being lean, simple and calm in its colour scheme. Flash is only partially supported which in effect will mean that the default browser probably won’t work on the majority of flash websites but this is no different to iOS for the time being.

Nokia certainly need the assurance of revival that Mango offers and I would say it’s a positive move for them. For Microsoft I think the Nokia deal has added the essential, previously lacking, momentum to take this project to production. Microsoft just have to make sure that they keep the operating system stable (like Symbian was) and that they learn valuable lessons from the successes of iOS and Android since they are following in their footsteps. It’s great to see aggressive competition in the field of mobile operating systems and I’m certainly looking forward to Mango going live to see how they push the boundaries of what currently exists.

I wonder what the next generational leap can be for all parties concerned. Near field communication is one that comes to mind which Google is going to market with very soon. Mobile Money is also kicking off with the joint initiative between Barclays and Orange. It’s also interesting to consider how phones will adapt to upcoming 4G. There will I think always be a trend towards improving hardware whilst improving also the battery life of devices. What more would you like to have with your phone?

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