Foreign exchange hiring and trading rising

Foreign exchange hiring and trading are reported to be rising. Efinancial careers reports on hiring that:

… a lot of the current opportunities are within the more established FX houses. BarCap is hiring Java and C++ developers for its 250-strong FX IT team, Citi has openings for developers and connectivity specialists for its front office FX IT division, while Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse are both recruiting techies for their Matrix and Merlin platforms respectively.

Bloomberg says on fx trading that:

[It] rose last year, with the value of transactions handled by CLS Bank, the New York-based operator of the largest currency-settlement system, jumping 22 percent to an average $4.1 trillion a day. Currency markets climbed to record highs for average daily trading volume in the U.K. and North America, according to central bank reports … and … electronic trading volumes increased 25 percent from the previous year, according to the Euromoney survey, to account for 56 percent of all foreign-exchange business.

It seems like FX is a good asset class to bet on right now and an ever more competitive space.

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