London's Bubble Teas

I recently got back from a trip to south east Asia where I was introduced by a friend to what was to become my favourite drink of all time – milk tea or as we call it in the West – bubble tea. Now I see, to my great surprise and delight, that this predominantly Hong Kong/Taiwanese craze is sweeping through London. Or at least that’s what Timeout claims. Maybe it was here all along and I simply didn’t know it.

If I try to think about why I like it so much aside from the fact that it is a delicious drink in itself it’s probably because it reminds me of very strong traditional Indian tea and I have a feeling bubble tea may be better suited to the Asian palate. Regardless – all I can say is that bubble tea is an essential dietary supplement and that if you haven’t tried it you absolutely must.. So far I’ve tried Boba Jam and Candy Cafe so far but as for the rest here I come.

If it’s your first time try just the normal cold milk tea from Boba Jam. It’ll have large black tapioca pearls in it already so you’ll be able to try those too – my favourite variety.

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