Capcom release Street Fighter IV Volt for iPhone

Capcom have released a new game for iPhone called, Street Fighter IV Volt,, to follow in the footsteps of Street Fighter IV – the most recent instalment in my favourite game series of all time. I haven’t tried it yet but I can’t wait to.

All games in the Street Fighter series hold nostalgic value for me because as a wonder-eyed kid (which I still am) in Wolverhampton, after school, I used to sneak down to the local arcade to try and better my skills at these games and to watch the best of the best complete these games in one sitting. Of course this would usually get me into a lot of trouble with my Dad as I’d arrive home late and he’d be worried sick.

Now London Trocadero offers the equivalent and got Street Fighter IV in when it was released (albeit one machine only) though I no longer frequent such places. Maybe I’m too old now as are all my friends. But I still keep Capcom close to me on my iPhone wherever I go. Keep up the good work Capcom. Your veteran fans appreciate it.

Oh yes. If you have any interest in purchasing Street Fighter IV Volt on the iPhone do so today because it’s at the lowest special offer price which goes up every day until 6th July when it gets fixed. See here for details.

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