Oracle discusses Java 7 & 8 new features on video

NOTE: If this post interests you you should definitely check out the Java 7 celebration launch and the detailed technical breakout session videos here.

Watch the fascinating video discussion (also embedded below) about upcoming features in Java 7 & 8 between Adam Messinger, Mark Reinhold, John Rose and Joe Darcy. They talk about quite a few things that may not be general knowledge and certainly haven’t been committed to officially yet.

  • The upcoming Project Lambda in Java 8 will provide multicore support with parallel execution of lambda code. This makes sense as functions just define units of work and whereas the developers define how those units of work are composed they do not need to be concerned about how they are scheduled or sequenced – that’s the VM’s job. An analogy can be drawn between this and the kinds of things that ParallelArray can do.
  • Java 8 will provide Project Jigsaw – Java’s first modularity feature.
  • Java 8 will provide Collection Literals which will finally eliminate boiler plate collection declaration and access code.
  • Java 8 will merge Jrockit into the Hotspot vm. This work has already begun in Java 7 with JMX enhancements and reduction of the use of permgen space. Permgen will be eliminated altogether in Java 7 updates taking inspiration from JRockit.
  • Java 8 may have big data support in collections (large collections) – 64 bit support and primitive collections.
  • There was a considerable amount of talk about the new invokedynamic instruction, the first new instruction since Java5, that will optimise how JVM languages perform but also help with parallelising closures but as I am not a language designer that wasn’t particularly relevant to me though I’m always happy to gain from evolving VM technology as that really is the true essence of Java in my opinion.

Needless to say I cannot wait for Java 7 but I absolutely cannot wait for Java 8. As Mark and Joe said Java 7 is an evolutionary release but Java 8 shall be a revolutionary release. I really must give credit to Oracle for getting all this moving after it remaining stagnant for so many years at Sun. My favourite features in Java7 are Project Coin and NIO2 and in Java 8 will be Project Lambda and Collection Literals though any VM features HotSpot gains from JRockit will obviously be significant.

Also, apparently, Java 7 is out tomorrow (7th July) though that post doesn’t actually clarify whether it’s just the party tomorrow or the release as well. I cannot believe Eclipse still isn’t supporting Java 7 when every other major editor has had this for quite some time. I guess I’ll have to fall back to Netbeans for a while (IntelliJ I just can’t figure out how to use).

Update [17/08/2012]: Nice to see this post featured on the StackOverflow discussion titled ‘Does .NET have something like Java’s permgen?‘.

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