JProfiler 7 released

Aside from knowledge of the jvm – profiler technology is another critical skill to possess in our toolbox. It pays to know how to use them and how to leverage new innovations in them to achieve insight into what your code is doing. Speaking of which jprofiler 7 is released with a number of rather interesting features.

It’s interesting that they’ve chosen to add higher level introspection features such as with jdbc. I’ve always felt that introspection tools shouldn’t just regurgitate verbatim whatever they are analysing but should in addition draw conclusions from such lower level details and offer higher level insights.

A classic example of this would be Eclipse Memory Analyser Tool. It doesn’t just give you a listing of all objects in the heap like most other analysers. It reviews the heap contents and is able to draw conclusions and create higher level reports such as leak suspect reports and dominator reports which not only give you the required numbers but also graphical representations so that you can instantly tell what’s going wrong but then it also allows you to drill down into details. I think this is where introspection tools should be heading in general progressively.

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