Java 7 released!

As if you didn’t know – Java 7 is released (1, 2, 3). As the linked post says it’s been a long five years but hopefully more regular release cycles and expert innovation of the kind we’ve already seen in Java 7 will become the norm and turn the droves of skeptics, cynics and deserters back to believing in Java and the JVM as the supreme platform.

The delay hasn’t been all bad. In fact I think it’s been quite positive in many ways. The lack of growth of Java has fostered innovation in jvm languages to try and plug the inadequacies while also creating new things. It’s also spurred its loyal users to do more with less and explore alternative languages and paradigms but also contribute back to Java with what they’ve learnt. And in Java 8 with Project Lambda Java now has the benefit of hindsight in being able to examine, for example, how Scala and Clojure have done things, and take the best of all worlds but at the same it will need to compete effectively with other languages both on and outside of the JVM. The ubiquitous nature of Java means that it must grow and compete in all directions to continue to be so.

This is, in my opinion, as I’m sure you realise – if you look back to what’s gone on in the past year and what is to provisionally come in the next year or two – only the beginning. With Oracle heading Java now this is very much a commercial endeavour and with the first release over the audience is more than ever unrelenting and eagerly awaiting the next.

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