Java 7 loop predication bugs surface and workaround known

Software and bugs always have been and always will be inseparable. Java 7 certainly wasn’t going to be the first exception to this rule. Unsurprisingly, since internal testing can never compete with the testing that takes place through mass adoption, in less than a day after Java 7’s release bugs surfaced with loop predication.

Oracle are aware of the issues and Mark Reinhold has suggested a work around while they work on fixes for an early update release. Though apparently update 1 will be security fixes only and loop fixes are more likely to appear in update 2 though they will try to push into update 1 if possible. Keep at it Oracle – you have our support.

Supposedly the bugs were found by Apache Lucene and Solr but I’m sure I’m not the first to wonder why these projects neglected to test with all the openjdk nightly snapshots and particularly with the release candidate.

Update [01/08/2011]: The following links provide a bit more insight on what happened: ‘The real story behind the Java 7 GA bugs affecting Apache Lucene / Solr‘ and ‘Don’t Use Java 7? Are you kidding me?

7 thoughts on “Java 7 loop predication bugs surface and workaround known

  1. Apparently Oracle were made aware of the bug several days before the release but they decided to go ahead with it anyway.

  2. Really. I can understand the pressure to deliver on time especially after five years. I’m guessing they went for the ‘do the release followed by a number of updates’ option as attempting to fix it prior to release may have delayed it considerably.

  3. I wonder if you’re being slightly kind to Oracle here. As far as I can see, it’s a fairly serious bug that was known about prior to the release and Oracle decided to plough on ahead anyway…

  4. Haha. Perhaps. I understand that, after the rather extravagant and public celebration of the launch, there might have been overwhelming pressure to neet the official deadline but at what cost. I agree that, on the other hand, they had the option to be open with the community and say that bugs had been found in the RC testing and that the time required to fix them would delay the release. I do wonder why they didn’t chose the latter open forum route if they did indeed know.

  5. This is not the only bug.
    reports a bug which makes impossible to run jhepwork project on Linux platforms with java7 (try this from the toolbar “Tools->”JHPlot examples” and run any example). It works fine on windows though. This bug was reported several months ago but Oracle claimed “impossible to reproduce”. Apparently, Java7 on Linux fails to run which is a core of some open-source programs including the above package.

  6. AFAIK, if a command-line option works around the bug, and they were aware of the bug, they should have made that option the default and removed the problematic one. I can’t believe something this simple couldn’t be done in those few days before release. Fixing a bug like that is hard, but temporarily removing the option should have been done.

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