BBC coverage of Alan Turing's birth centenary

Recently, as part of the centenary of the birth of Alan Turing, the BBC published a considerable amount of material in the form of articles, videos and also a radio show that all in all were absolutely fascinating to study – particularly for someone like me who hadn’t really delved into or been formally introduced to the history of computer science previously.

I came across the first item on 12 June and was absolutely captivated by it. It was The Turing Solution on BBC Radio 4. If you missed it and would like to catch it it’s still online. As for the articles and videos that were published here’s a list in chronological order for easy reference.

  1. Alan Turing: why the tech world’s hero should be a household name (18 June 2012)
  2. Alan Turing: The codebreaker who saved ‘millions of lives’ (19 June 2012)
  3. Alan Turing: Is he really the father of computing? (20 June 2012)
  4. Centenary of the birth of WWII code breaker Alan Turing (20 June 2012)
  5. Alan Turing: The experiment that shaped artificial intelligence (21 June 2012)
  6. Alan Turing: Gay codebreaker’s defiance keeps memory alive (22 June 2012)
  7. Alan Turing: Society failed the genius, we must learn from his loss (23 June 2012)
  8. Alan Turing: Colleagues share their memories (23 June 2012)
  9. Alan Turing: A multitude of lives in fiction (24 June 2012)

Curiously, recently, BBC also reported that the original evidence on which Alan Turing’s suicide verdict was based would today no longer be sufficient to establish the same verdict according to Professor Jack Copeland – a turing expert.

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