links to OpenCL Cookbook series!

I am delighted to find that, a Dutch consultancy specialising in high performance parallel computing, has linked to my OpenCL Cookbook series under their training > self study > tutorials > learning opencl section! Thanks – I really appreciate it! It’s an honour to be linked to from such a specialist and dedicated resource on a subject as challenging, as critically important and as promising as GPGPU computing.

I first came across a few weeks ago just when I started learning OpenCL. OpenCL being such a niche and young topic I found that there was precious little content on it out there and was one of the few resources that not only had a lot of content on this topic but was almost entirely dedicated to it. They also appeared to be very passionate holding talks as well as producing a lot of blog content.

Needless to say I will continue to follow them to keep up to date on this exhilarating subject and I will also do my best to expand this series to make it an indispensable resource on the subject (time permitting!).

Update: Thanks for the two tweets Vincent.

One thought on “ links to OpenCL Cookbook series!

  1. Thank you very much in the first place for writing the first episodes of a OpenCL cookbook. Your writing style is clear and this could come in handy for more advanced subjects. And thank you for the compliments about my company – think of us when you see companies in need for faster processing.

    I am looking forward to read more from you.

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