The new Apple iPhone 5 is announced!

The new Apple iPhone 5 has just been announced.

Have a look at the comparison page to get an at-a-glance idea of what’s different. I love the un-Apple like two tone colour scheme which looks more rugged and yet still chic and fashionable and I love the fact that, despite all the new features, it is taller, thinner and lighter and has greater batter life than all previous iPhones. And that I’m happy with. On a geeky note – I’m very glad to see that the iPhone 5 now supports both 2.4GHz *and* 5GHz band 802.11n access. I’ll explain why this matters.

The 2.4GHz band is a mainstream band and is used by a lot of household devices and is more prone to interference and speed cuts. The 5GHz band, however, is used only by a select few devices and is far less congested and therefore suffers far less interference and provides considerably faster speeds. It is also immune to interference from the 2.4GHz band. And devices supporting both will generally pick the better band. And this is why Apple are saying that the new iPhone 5 has ultra fast wireless.

Recently, I moved into a new flat and found that my wifi speeds dropped from 5m to <1m. I worked out that this was because my router only supported the 2.4GHz band. So I bought an Apple Airport Express to create a wifi hotspot off an ethernet cable from the original router and transmit on both bands simultaneously. I found that installing this new hotspot restored both my iPad and Macbook Air wifi speeds back up to 5m (my maximum). However my iPhone 4S supporting only 2.4GHz remained at <1m. And now the new iPhone 5 needn't! So the final piece of the jigsaw is in place! Until next time!

Overall, I'm pretty happy with this release and will, most probably, be pre-ordering on Friday. Will you?

Update: I used the Apple Store app on the iPhone 4S to order the new iPhone 5 in 32GB Black before the web based Apple Store came online! It’ll be delivered on the 21st. I have a 64GB handset right now but was only using around 16GB so I decided to compromise and save £100. However, in reality, the real cost of the iPhone 5 to me is actual almost nil. My mother lost her iPhone 4 recently and the insurance company is paying out £525 to her which she will pass on to me. I will give her my old iPhone 4S once the new one arrives. It’s all worked out perfectly.

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